My Halloween Mojo is Dead

My Halloween mojo is dead. And not in a cool zombie undead way. I mean dead dead.

I usually love Halloween and relish in the thought of spookifying the house. Phillip and I usually try to come up with clever themed costumes, like the year we went as the Culture of Japan. I was a red paper crane, Phillip was a bonsai tree, and Ivy was a sushi roll. This was pre-Violet, otherwise she may have ended up as a high tech toilet. The Japanese love their fancy toilets, what can I say?

But this year I never did get around to decorating the house, and we never came up with the themed costume idea. I basically had to think up something on the fly because I "got with it" it way too late. So we decided that Ivy would be Marie Antoinette, using this gown, which I had already made:

So all I have to do it give her an updo, powder her hair white, powder her face and add a little rouge, and viola! That took care of that.

But what about Violet?

Hmmm.... Marie Antoinette... Let them eat cake.... hmmm....I know! Violet will be a cake!

Here is her hat. If you are wondering what that expression is, she was saying, "I'm a cake!" as I snapped the photo.

Here is a close up of the hat:

The rest of the costume will be a frothy pink skirt and a white top embellished with pink frills. Basically, I am going to go for the interpretive idea of a cake for her clothes.

Sadly, I do not have costumes for Phillip and I that would fit in with a French Revolution theme, so I may try to buy something easy tomorrow. We never buy our costumes, so this is a major departure for us. It is a sad day. This is all because of my dead Halloween mojo. But you know what? At least I can still make a cake hat!


  1. omg. come make costumes for austin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! i feel the same way about halloween. i haven't gotten into it in the last few years so now that i actually HAVE TO...i'm lost. lol

  2. that is just too cute! love the little dress. yes, i found that phone site to be very entertaining & glad you find it useful =)

  3. Yes, that IS a cute cake hat. They are going to be adorable.
    Laughing at not coming up with more French Revolution-themed costumes. That's a stumper.

  4. Kiranda you need to just jump right in!! Think of a fun idea and get creative! Actually you are already a creative person so this should be pretty easy for you :)

  5. my halloween mojo is dead this year for sure- i was just getting ready to write that post! all store bought costumes for us this year. :P

  6. I followed from BMs. Your costumes are awesome! I love the dress on Ivy! I can only sew straight things (pillows, etc) so you are way ahead of me. We bought our son's costume.

  7. You guys could go as a fork and knife for Ivy's "cake".


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