Bump-Its Never Go Out of Style

My sister-in-law Sara is town for a visit, which is going to be super fun.

We like to be all domestic and pretend we are sister wives. That means we wear each other's slips, bake pies, sew all our own clothes (long-sleeved high-collared floor-length light blue dresses), and wear bump-its in our hair.

While she is here we are going to try and inspire each other to be really Weight-Watchery and healthy. Unwisely enough, we are also we are going to hit up some serious cupcake places, like Retro Bakery, of which I have heard all sorts of amazing things.

We are also going to plan out our kids' birthday parties. She has an almost 2 year old son that ridiculously cute. He and Violet are only 10 days apart in age, so we get to be all mom-crazy about the party-planning.  I just noticed that there are a lot of dashes in this post. First person to count all the dashes - and correctly comment on how many there are - gets a special prize.

And that prize is the title of King/Queen of Amazing Dash-Counting Abilities.


  1. I counted 13! Am I Queen?
    Good luck being Weight-Watchery and eating cupcakes. I shudder to think how many points professionally-made cupcakes have.

  2. Yes, we walk in step. ALWAYS.

    Also, Teri--I think they must have at LEAST 8 points. At LEAST. Part of me thinks 10.....I'm sad now, lol. :(

  3. TERI IS QUEEN!!! All Hail Her Majesty of Dash Counting!!!

  4. Seriously? How do they get their hair to do that??? You know they don't have a bump-it or a Snookie - do.


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