Find the Gratuitous Muppet Grab

My second day at the Expo with Graco was a lot of fun, though the girls wanted to climb into and onto everything so it has also be exhausting. I put together a little montage so you can see what it was like.

You had better enjoy it and leave me a comment saying so, because it took me forever to finish it. And I do mean "forever" in a slo-mo Sandlot tone: Forevah... foreeeevvvaaaah.....forevaaaaaahhhh....

By the way, did you spot Violet going for the Muppet grab?

Oh, and here is the YouTube link because my formatting is weird.


  1. I love how Ivy talks about candy..hahaha. I miss this girls!

  2. You did an amazing job and I absolutely loved the video! :)


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