Wry Baby: Raise Funny People

There were so many things to see at the ABC Kids Expo, so each day after I left the Graco booth, I ventured out onto the floor to see what else was out there.

There were a lot of unique products - mom and pop operations that were launching their product for the first time at the Expo. I am going to be showing you some of what I found, but first I have to start with the highlight of my wanderings, which was running across the booth for Wry Baby.

What first drew me there was the giant sign that said "FUNNY". Well, that and this guy's snazzy white suit and handsome moustache. Very steampunk. I so dig it.

And I am so very glad that I did sashay over there, because as it turns out, I already knew his work. Phillip had found the images of his hilarious baby instruction manual and we spent time laughing together about it. AND you know what? I JUST REALIZED I even own one of his snapsuits! It was a gift for Ivy and it says "I Can't Read".

Allow me to give you a sample of Dave Sopp's genius from his Safe Baby Handling book (posted here with permission).


   And, as you can imagine, my favorite:

He draws everything himself, and there is a whole line of laugh out loud funny items as well as cute onesies that say "Super Bad" and "Super Cute" which have little capes on them! You need to browse Wry Baby and see for yourself.  But before you go, here is a picture of me with him and his fab book. When we shook hands I felt his smartness transferring to me through osmosis. This made my hand tingle a little because everyone knows that when you have an encounter with talented people you come away with a little piece of their soul. That sounds like I am a creepy fan. But no worries, I was planning on selling his little talented-soul-fragment on E-bay later this week. That's totally normal.


  1. So like, the Wry Baby guy is kinda unknowingly like Voldemort!! cooooooooooool. lol, I love his stuff! great post!

  2. I like how you've changed the little sign to say "People who like me enough to comment" :) YOU KILL ME! :) ... I love his book! I gave it to Roger's cousin for her baby shower and they LOVED it! :)

  3. Yeah Laura! I love myself some comments!!! And yeah, his stuff is seriously THE best baby shower gift. Did you see the pacifier holders? hilarious!

  4. Definitely know what I'm giving to the next new dad-to-be, I meet. Totally sexist, huh. But we all know this book was written for dads!

  5. OMG, a friend showed me these a while ago and i could never find them again. thanks!


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