Conversations With My Mini-Me

Ivy loves ballet. Mucho, muy mucho. So today she was talking about how she wants to go on point (en pointe). For those of you not conversant with ballet terms, this is being on point:

Purty, ain't it?

Here is how the conversation went.

Ivy: When I get 4 yeaws old, I am going to go on point.

Phillip: can only go on point when Miss Alene says so.

Ivy (exasperated): Oh, fow goodness sakes, Dad, I'm not going on point now, don't woowy (worry) about it! I said I'm not going on point until I'm fouw! Tsk!

"Don't worry about it"??? Now that's sass, if I've ever heard it. But considering how funny something so teenager-ish sounded coming from a 3 year old with a lisp, it got a pass, a long laugh and a blog post.


  1. Carrie @

    Hi Andrea! Thanks for following my blog--now Ive found your cute blog :) Your little girl sounds precious. I always love that baby lisp that makes every word sound so cute. Im following along now so it will be nice to get to know each other thru our blogs.

  2. I love how little ones try and talk and they always say the cutest things...even if it isn't proper... those are the best ones...LOL. My oldest daughter loves to dance and she also took ballet.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It was nice to find another fellow blog friend from Blogfrog.

  3. I totally love the little conversations I have with my kids. This is something my daughter would say. Thanks for sharing. Funny stuff!


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