Graco Baby Monitor Giveaway! (ClOSED)

Ok, I had 2 monitors to give away and I only got 2 entries! That made it easy enough. 

But for the rest of you who didn't even try - tsk tsk tsk!! I am wagging my finger at you because you didn't even make an effort to win an amazing and valuable monitor. And it was EASY. Oh well now I know. You guys are not video people.

Congratulations to Catholic Mommy and to Not Blessed Mama!! Graco will be sending the monitors your way!

Okay, people, huddle up. I am doing my first ever giveaway!  

I know, you follow me because you love me, and not for the free stuff I give away. But now you will finally be rewarded for your loyalty.

Graco is giving two Las Vegas Mama readers a Direct Connect Baby Monitor! 

This one is another of my faves, it is one of their swankier models. It's a 2-way digital monitor with a talk-back feature. That means you can talk to the baby/toddler to reassure them or to tell them to stop their nonsense and go to sleep. Talk-back does not mean that the monitor sasses you. Which would probably be fun too, but it isn't feature. Yet.

It also has a nightlight, temperature gauge, and a 2,000 ft. range.

So to win this awesome baby monitor, all you have to do it post a video of your best pregnancy advice on My First Baby. Then I will pick 2 winners using a random winner generator thingy that all the cool blog giveaways use.

Here are you step by step instructions:

1. Register at

2. Upload a video of you telling it like it is. It doesn't have to be very long. If you are pregnant right now, you can talk about something you have discovered about pregnancy that you wish someone had told you. If you have been pregnant before, you should give your best advice about pregnancy and birth. If you are a dude, well, you probably should post advice for other dads on how to handle themselves around their pregnant wife. You know, like never raise your eyebrows if she asks you for ice cream in the middle of the night. For the fourth time that night.

3. Leave a comment on this post with the link to your video. That is your official entry. If you do not link up, I won't be able to put your name into the mix.

And that's it! In one week, I will put everyone who linked up into the hat and pick 2 winners.

This is going to be good. The fact that you have to post a video will weed out all the people who are not serious about winning. That means YOU, my serious followers, have a better chance! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. I just checked the other videos at Graco. They are great and useful... and they are simple enough. At first I thoughht that I couldn't do it but now... I am ready to give it a try. Camera, get ready... here I come!
    To all the other followers: forget it! Mine will be the best and I am going to win!

  2. Okay...Here is my entry :-)

    finally got it done!

  4. hmm. I'm a year late for this promo. Hopefully there will be another one this december. My baby would come February next year.

    Mommy to be
    How To Build Muscle Fast at Home Enthusiast


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