Halloween Costumes

I need help figuring out what to dress the girls for Halloween.

Traditionally (and by traditionally I mean in the last 3 years), we have been very creative with costumes and we make them ourselves rather than buy them.

But this year I am having costume-block. We usually like to have the girls in a theme together, like last year when they were insects (a spider and a dragon fly). Here is the dragon fly from last year:

But this year I am drawing blanks. Can anyone out there offer me a unique or creative suggestion??? Otherwise they are going to be princesses, which for them is not that special because they dress up as princess on a daily basis!


  1. Our granddaughter did dinosaur last year (picks posted somewhere), I saw some shots of butterfly princesses that were colorful.

  2. How about 'Leggo my Eggo'?! One could be an actual lego block, and the other an eggo waffle. hahahahahahaaaaaaa.... SO glad no one is here at the office... otherwise people would be looking at me weirdly for laughing out loud all by myself. :)

  3. Not, funny, not originaal, but it can be cute and easy: flowers. Green leggings, green turtle necks, and collars with colored petals.

  4. I just thought about maybe the princess and the frog... I could make Ivy a green princess dress and dress up violet as a frog...

  5. Violet shall never forgive you!


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