Big Puffy Sparkle Hearts!

So guess what. I was approached recently by Graco. They kinda heart my blog. And I kinda heart them back. And I don't mean a plain old red two dimensional heart. I am talking big, puffy, sparkle hearts. That is how you know it is True Love.

And because they super double rainbow puffy sparkle heart my blog, they asked me if I would like to partner with them for an upcoming event in Las Vegas.

Um, yes, Graco. Yes. I would like to partner with you.

So I am excited about my upcoming adventure at the ABC Kids' Expo with Graco. I won't tell you more than that yet, because its a surprise. And I know how you love surprises. In fact, I was considering hiding out in the bushes outside your bedroom window to surprise you. But then I thought that might be creepy, so I suppose I can skip that and you can just be surprised with my next Graco post.

Full disclosure: Graco is paying me to partner up with them. But they do not own me. So that means I can take their money and still say whatever I want. Lucky for them I am already a Graco fan, so it works out. Why is this font so small? Probably because I have always wanted to have fine print on my blog, but I never had a good enough reason for it.  Thank you, Graco! I have officially arrived somewhere really cool!


  1. WOW! I feel so extremely privileged to not only be one of your faithful followers (I know, I know - I don't comment enough to be CLAIM to be a faithful follower BUT know that I ALWAYS read your posts!) BUT that I PERSONALLY know you, you amazing blogger you! :) ... Can't wait to hear more about your Graco partnership :)


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