Live From the Parking Lot at Joanne's...

Why does everything go down in the parking lot of Joanne's?

As I was loading the girls into the car after the lovely, grabby, run away from Mommy whine-fest that was our trip to Joanne's tonight, I heard a bloodcurdling scream behind me. I jerked my head in the direction of the scream just in time to witness a  5-ish year old girl shooting across the parking lot, directly in the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

The scream had come from her 8-ish year old sister. Fortunately, the motorcycle saw her and slowed, but her mom was mad. She angrily reprimanded her daughter for running into traffic, with her sister making her own additions to her mom's tirade in a stressed out tone. The mom was oozing stress as well, in her tone and her body language. I totally get that. When a kid does something like that, it is very upsetting. You want to make sure they never try something like that again, so the reprimand has to be equal in intensity to what they just did - so you can get the message across.

They loaded up into their car, but through the open doors I could hear the mom continuing her reprimand, although it was about more than what had just happened. She was complaining about something to do with carrying too much stuff and needing help, and some sort of instructions, like, "Do that", etc etc.

All of a sudden there was a pause, perhaps one of her daughters was answering, and then suddenly she let out this scream of her own. But not like a scared high pitched girlie scream. No, this was a roar like no other.


It was the kind of scream that all moms out there have let rip a million times in their head, but never quite let it past the internal censors because it is socially unacceptable to scream like that in public or even in private for some reason. You know what I am talking about - the roar that is a culmination of weeks, months, or even years, of pent up frustration, stress, rage, and pressure. The kind that echoes across a cityscape in movies and is heard for miles around.

It was so intense I am not sure that words are conveying this scream, so I am even thinking of making a video of the roar, 1) so I can roar and let off some steam, and 2) so you can see what kind of scream I am talking about.

Even though it made me laugh in the moment, it was more of a shocked laugh. But as I sit here thinking about it, I totally feel her pain.


  1. eeek...yea i hate having that roar...but it's usually directed at my husband. lol

  2. LOL I kind of love this mother. I also feel her pain. Although, with the Leal Rage, I don't let those babies sit in me for too long ;) I keed, I keed.

  3. Yeah, and that Leal Rage is totally rubbing off on me LOL

  4. I did that scream all alone in my house about five minutes after my hubby had stormed off for a birthday party with my daughter and bitched at me about the f-ing CARD for the present that I had PUT ON THE COUNTER FOR HIM, and he somehow lost, but it was my fault.

    RAOAHHAFLOJEHOAHFAHIOFHERRRRRRR!! For a good solid ten minutes I growled and stomped around my house all by myself.

    It felt awesome.

    But I wouldn't do it to the babes.

  5. Following you now from MBC. I'd love for you to follow me too at (my mainstream mom blog) and/or (my fictional fairy blog- just for fun!) Thanks!


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