How to Get Famous by Writing a Blog

So we were driving somewhere yesterday evening when Ivy got really excited about something and said, "Mom!! Look! It's your blog!"

Totally random. I had no clue what she could possibly be talking about. I thought maybe she was having a stroke. Not unlike the time when Ivy was about 6 months old and Phillip and I became convinced she had had a stroke because suddenly her smile looked slightly crooked. In our new-parent haze of sleep-deprived madness we even considered taking her to the emergency room. Only the guffawing of my best friend gave us pause. Maybe we were overreacting. Possibly. We nervously fluttered around Ivy for a little while longer before apprehensively deciding that maybe, maybe she was too young to suffer an actual stroke.

So back to yesterday I asked, "Ivy, what in the world are you talking about?"

"Your blog is right there, Mom!"

I looked out the window, and sure enough.... it was my blog. So it is now official - my blog is famous!


  1. ur blog is famous...i was trying to look up some other blogs about las vegas, and yours popped up on google! smart kid! ;)

  2. You are putting Las Vegas on the map!


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