Puppet Head on a Stick - Holiday Edition

Puppet head on a stick continues to haunt us, and that means he is still here during the holidays. If you missed the original puppet head on a stick, catch up here.  My family drove up late last night, and while we all went to bed, mi familia stayed up late, partying with puppet head on a stick.

Let's start with the daily activities of puppet head on a stick, shall we? And then we can make our way down to the photo essay on puppet head on the stick meeting my family for the holidays.

Here is puppet head on a stick helping to decorate the tree.

Puppet head on a stick is slightly sacrilegious.

'Sup,  Caga Tio!

Fa la la la la... la la la la!

Stocking stuffer....

Here he is reading over Violet's shoulder. Rude.

Is it me or does Ivy look like she was not expecting him to be there just then?

And now, introducing a photo essay entitled, "Mi Familia con El Payaso." Enjoy!

Meet mi madre. This explains a lot about me, am I right?

Puppet head on a stick joins all the wine-soaked fun.

Meet mi hermana as she meets puppet head on a stick for the first time.
Well, that got friendly fast. She must have had the wine goggles on.

Meet mi padre.

Photo bomb!

The day of Christmas Eve dawns with a hangover...

...But apparently it's nothing a little milk and cookies can't fix!!

Puppet head on a stick wishes you all a very Merry Christmas, from all of us to all of you!


  1. To the Leal Family,

    Thank you THANK YOU for the opportunity to get to know you all these past months! I am VERY BLESSED to have you all in my life! FELIZ NAVIDAD! MALIGUYANG PASKO!

    P.S. Andrea, do you think your hermana might like short Filipino-American guys...?

  2. Thanks Edgar, you are true and kind gentleman! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    PS - Good question....if she doesn't, then she should!!

  3. It is cute...I am a new follower from Monday mingle. See you.

  4. OK, this is even funnier than the original post. I think you should keep this guy around for all your parties - he obviously is NOT a stick in the mud (hohoho)! Love your family's reactions - but the nativity scene? They ALL look freaked out! GREAT post.

  5. Puppet head on a stick is hilarious!

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