Holiday Events in Las Vegas

Ah, where to begin? I have so much to say to you about the last 4 or 5 days. There was the whole stomach flu escapade. There was Disneyland. There was a yuletide pooping log. Yes, I said a pooping log. Early this morning in between sleep and awake I had an idea for how to make this a whole, cohesive and entertaining blog post. But I lost the idea when I fell back asleep for 30 seconds.

Let's start with the sickness. Here's the story: there was sickness. Contrary to what I had thought (that I felt sick from lack of sleep), I really was sick. It was awful, I was miserable, and now I am better. End of story.

I am going to skip the story about Disneyland and make that a separate post.

That brings us to the yuletide pooping log. It is much more poetic in Spanish- Caga Tio. Well. Not too poetic. But better than Pooping Log.  Ok, never mind. I need to make that a separate post as well. Just forget I said anything at all and think about what holiday activities you have planned this month. If you have yet to decide what to do, you should read my AOL article about holiday events here.

In the meantime I leave you with this image of a Caga Tio, aka Catalonian yuletide pooping log.


  1. You have piqued my curiosity!

  2. Yah definitely curious for you next posts. :)

  3. Well, I look forward to learning more.

  4. Oh, it'll be worth the wait, I promise! Of course no one will care much about Disneyland after I post about the Caga Tio, but... you will be quite entertained! :)

  5. hahaha and i know about all of them so....will there be a seperate post for those who experineced them all with you? I need this.


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