Lazy Saturdays

It's a lazy day today. I can't shake the sleepy from my eyes, but I don't care, because it's Saturday.

There is something sweet and beautiful about Saturdays. All the toil of parenting during the week is relaxed because it is the weekend. I struggled all week long to keep the kids from watching videos in the stead of more mentally stimulating activities,  I schooled, I made nutritious-ish meals (or at least tried), I did laundry, I vacuumed, I picked up, I parented firmly.

But today is Saturday, it's everyone's day off, right? Well ok, there is not really a day off for parents. But I am taking one anyway. This means that I lingered in bed even though I was awake, I made hot chocolate for the kids, and I put on a video for them.

Today I am not going to cook, I am going to heat up pre-made meals. I am not going resist their cries of "more bideos, more bideos!" I am going to nurse Rose frequently so I can sit in one spot. I am not doing laundry and I am not going to care about the dishes in the sink or the crumbs on the floor.

Go on, judge me. I don't care, because it's Saturday and I have a strict "not-caring-what-anyone-thinks" policy on Saturdays.

I'm going to put the kids down for an early nap and I am going to take a long nap as well. If I feel like it, I am just going to order a pizza for dinner and have it delivered - I won't even make the effort to pick it up. Because even though motherhood is 24/7, excellent mothering isn't. I don't have to be a fabulous mom today, I just have to get the basics right. Because it's Saturday, and gosh darn it, I deserve a break too.

How are you spending your Saturday?


  1. I moved from the bed to the couch to read my book. Does that count as doing something?

  2. I want to be like you when I'm a mommy ;)

    1. Are you sure? Or do you mean you want to be like me Monday-Friday when you are a mommy? Because on the weekends I'm not very good :)

  3. Saturdays? I say three day weekends are for doing what you want! I don't usually cook Fri - Sun.

    1. I really like the idea of three days per week of doing whatever I want. I am considering copying you.


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