Someone stole my stroller.

Does this sound like a non-statement? Because to me, this is a big deal.

Last week I had come home from running errands, it was late in the afternoon, all three kids were melting down and I was ready to faint from exhaustion. So I unloaded everyone, put them down for naps and passed out in my bed for an hour. I had to settle for the bed because I still don't have a fainting couch for some inexplicable reason. When Phillip got home he pointed out that that I had forgotten to close the garage.

I scoffed at the importance of this. After all, I have become fond of pointing out to anyone who will listen that Henderson is the second safest city in the nation after Plano, Texas.

Fast forward to this week. I had spent the entire morning getting everyone ready for a walk to the park. But when we went to leave I could not find the stroller, which had been in our garage. I called Phillip to ask him where he put it and he said he had neither seen it nor moved it over the weekend when he was cleaning up the garage. After more fruitless searching and a sudden recollection about the open garage incident, we realized that it had been stolen.

Thanks a lot, Henderson gated community, for your false sense of security!

The idea that someone walked up to my garage and took my stroller really burns me up. I mean, who do they think they are and what gives them the right to take something that does not belong to them?

The thing is that this stroller was more than just a stroller. This was a beautiful Graco Quattro Tour stroller that was given to me by Graco when I partnered with them in 2010 for the ABC Kids Expo.

I made this vlog and this video and I wrote about it and basically worked hard to get it. This stroller was the representation of a "win" for my blogging endeavors. And someone ripped it from me. They tore the bloggy dream from my poor, tender little heart! And now I am bleeding. All over the place. In a gruesome murder scene kind of way.

How dare you, Henderson upper middle class white thief!


  1. "Thanks a lot, Henderson gated community!" - I know, what the heck? Keep your eyes open for that shifty-eyed neighbor. I felt a cold chill walking down your street this morning. But that might have been the temperature.

    1. No actually the chill you felt was the raw fear emanating from me at the thought of exercising for the first time in about a year. :)

  2. I'll have to come over and kick their butt. We're in supposedly "gated" apartment complex but the gates haven't closed in months. Grrr.

    Sorry to read about this. People just suck sometimes.

    1. Yeah I am starting to think the whole "gated" thing is a total farce.

  3. So frustrating, it boggles my mind that people take what isn't theirs. A friend in N. LV had someone try to break into their garage last week (also a gated community). Sigh.


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