Things I Have Done While Nursing the Baby

Nursing a baby and multi-tasking does not always go together. In fact, it never goes together. Unless you are prompted by necessity. In which case, you do what you have to do, even if it is Cirque du Soleil-worthy. Which it often is. I present to you my list of things I have done while nursing:

Plunge a toilet
Drag a toddler bed out of the bedroom
Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner
Participate in a murder mystery
Bathe my other children
Cook dinner*
Changing the baby's diaper. While I nurse her.
Load/unload a stroller and/or bike into/out of the trunk of the car
Do a load of laundry
Put on makeup
Grocery shop
Blog (duh!)
Put kids in time out
Vacuum and mop the house
Homeschool my eldest child
Brush my teeth
Take a shower
Do a cartwheel
Stand on my head
Drink a glass of water while singing the Star Spangled Banner

Ok, the last few may have been totally made up. Possibly. But you get the picture.

Every time I do accomplish one of these feats I think to myself: Wow, I rock! 5 years ago when I had my first child, nursing was so dang rough. But look at me now! I am thinking of taking my show on the road...maybe join the circus or something. I really think people would pay money to see the kind of stunts I can pull. Granted, this may compromise my modesty. So perhaps I will have to invent some sort of moveable censor dot that people can wear like they do 3-D glasses. I would call them 38-D glasses. Hm, I wonder if I can patent that?

* If you are from CPS, I am just kidding.


  1. haha! Been there... done that... Love your story!

  2. Hilarious! It does seem like after a while, you do it all while nursing!

  3. Holy cow! You have ROCK STAR DAIRY CANNONS!

    I bow to your ultimate boob supremacy!

  4. Wow, I am totally impressed!

    Especially with the toilet plunging thing..

  5. Wow! I can't believe your list. Impressive to say the least.


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