Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...or Forgetful

I know I have been slacking on my daily posts. I know you are all wondering what happened to me, since it has be like THREE DAYS since I posted. Lest you go into withdrawal, let me update you.

I just got a new part time freelance writing job working for AOL City's Best. That mean I go out and about Las Vegas to different shops, nightclubs, restaurants, etc., confirm their information, take photos, and write up a little description. Kind of what I do with the blog, except without my opinion, my muppet rating system, and less wordy. So not really like my blog.

Anyway, I get 20 listings per week but I am thinking I want to limit it to 10, because I have a one week deadline and I have this thing about feeling like I am actually working. I don't like it. The house has been chaos, dinners have been haphazard, and the girls have been watching way more videos than I care to admit. Its not my idea of living a good life.

Still, some of the places I am covering are really interesting, like Rehab at the Hard Rock and Aureole at Mandalay Bay, amongst 18 others this week.

So that is what I have been up to. I wrap up these on Thursday, and then I get a new set (hopefully only 10).

I have a special video that I want to post as soon as I get a little extra time. You will so not even believe your eyes when you see it! I still cannot believe my own eyes. That is why I had to video tape it!!


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