I'm Back!

Hello, world!

I am back. I have met my AOL deadlines, and now it is time to do some serious blogging. Ok, not really. I am still not in the swing of daily blogging and frankly I need a break from the computer. But what I am going to do is tame the chaos that has descended upon my household during this little working stint.

This endeavor has just confirmed what I already knew: I am not cut out for being a real working mom. It's just not worth it to me. Its strictly part time for me. And by part time I mean quarter time.

Money isn't everything, and I know that idea is tough for a lot of people to swallow. Money really isn't much at all. As long as I have a decent roof over my head and decent food to eat, I am ok with not having more. Money can be lots of fun. But based on the last couple of weeks, my quality of life is not going to improve with more money, it is going to disintegrate into dirty dishes, feral children, and a dog that has not had a bath in weeks. No thanks!

So the really good thing about my newly chaotic household is that AOL is very pleased with me. And AOL being pleased with me means I get the fun assignments. They want me to be a local "expert" writer, and to - get this - write restaurant reviews!! I am very excited about this.

I love to eat, and I love eating out. They are going to pay for my meals. And they are going to pay me to give my opinion about it. That may be 2 of my most favorite things put together. It looks like I will get to do this about once a week. So I have the best of all worlds, which is that its not really "work", my home stays home-y, and I get paid anyway! Sign me up!


  1. Wow - paid to eat and they pay for the meal! I'll take it!
    (some emails back and forth but no calls, and then a 'sorry, picked someone else'. Thanks for the referral though)

  2. that does sound super cool, congrats!

  3. Okay, I would LOVE that job. I also love eating. And writing.

  4. Dude, you ARE a REAL working mom!

  5. That DOES sound perfect, and totally workable - you gotta eat, right??? :)

  6. Totally jealous, right here! I wish someone would pay me to write about my opinion, sounds heavenly :-) congrats!


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