Your Formal Invitation

Okay, listen up reader peeps. Your commenting has been really lacking in the last couple of days. Am I that boring? Okay I cannot even write that without chuckling. We all know that I am Wit Personified.

If Wittiness had a face, it would be mine. If Cleverness had a name it would be Las Vegas Mama. If Fabulous had a blog, it would be this one.

Nonetheless, I fully admit that I failed to issue you all a formal invitation to comment.

Therefore, consider yourself invited.


  1. Sorry, can't think of a snarky thing to say, but thanks for the invite.

  2. With a fancy invitation like THAT how can I NOT write a comment ... That's technically a comment right??

  3. hey girl! I am your newest follower from FF :) Have a great weekend!

  4. ok, ok, ok,... I'll comment... even if you don't like it? well... you can always delete me.

    My comment: what's this about "mamas with an opinion"? didn't you notice that at times there are guy followers and commenting? I even know of one that is not a father! Good for you guys out there! Do comment and participate! It is not only momhood world, it is also dadhood, even if you are potential father... or grandfather!!!


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