She Lost Herself

Ivy got lost in her room. No, really. She did.

In the middle of the night no less.

She started crying around 3AM last night, and I was awake and running to her in an instant. That cry (besides being extremely loud) was the "scared" cry. I knew my baby was in trouble. Sort of.

As I ran into her room I said, "Ivy! Shhh, I'm right here, what's wrong?"

"I can't find my bed!" she wailed.

"Where are you??"

"Wight heew," she sniffled. I followed the sound of her sniffling and found her on the other side of the room by her closet. "Ivy, what in the world are you doing here?"

"I just woked up, and I can't find my bed anymow!" Even though it was 3AM, I still had to chuckle a little. I imagine she must have rolled out of her bed at some point, and when she woke up and realized she was not in her bed anymore, she started crawling around in the dark looking for it. When she didn't find it, I think she panicked a little. We keep the room very dark in an attempt to help them sleep longer in the mornings (it doesn't really work, in case you are wondering). So there was no way she was going to find her way back.

Maybe it's time for a night light?


  1. OH BABY, NNNOOO!!! Poor thing - I can only imagine how freaked out she must have been. I think all of us have at one point or another woken up disoriented and it's such a freaky feeling ... I vote yes on the night light! :)


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