Baby Zombies

Ivy likes to pretend she is a baby sometimes. She scooches, sucks her thumb, drools, and talks in nonsense syllables. Let me remind you that she is actually three and a half years old.

Today as she enacted this baby scene, she also flat out grabbed my chi chis, saying, "Chi chi...!!  zzzzzzzzhheeeee......zzzheee ... chi chi!" The "zzzhhheee" sound was like a zombie moaning sound, the kind that is made right before they eat your brains.
Then Violet, taking a cue from the Ivy Zombie Baby, started doing the same thing, grabbing my chi chis, squeezing them spastically, and joining in on the monotonous "Zzzzzzzzhheeeee......zzzheeezzzzzzzzhheeeee......zzzheee ..."

I drew away from them, telling them to cut it out. They were creeping me out. They clamored at my knees, reaching out with their skinny baby arms and clawing at my clothes with their sweaty little hands.  "Zzzzzzzzhheeeee......zzzheeezzzzzzzzhheeeee......zzzheee," they moaned eerily.

They almost sucked out my brains. But I fought them off at the last second and made my escape. (Shudder!)


  1. OMG! Zombie kids...freaky! I'm dvstrf!

  2. wow...that jumbled up word was actually supposed to say scared. haha

  3. I am SOOOO scared of zombies. Yes, I know they don't exist. But it's a fear that's rooted deeply in my childhood (my older siblings let me watch Return of the Living Dead while they were babysitting when I was, like, four). My computer is right by the glass double-doors that lead onto my back deck, and I swear every time I sit here at night I envision a zombie lurching and moaning and attacking the glass.

    I'm so lame, I know. But that would've scared the bejeesus outta me.

  4. that's funny you posted that pic- i've been wanting to read that series as a friend highly recommended it! have you?

  5. No, I haven't read it! But I do love myself some Jane Austin, so maybe I should!! If you do read it let me know if its good.

  6. Matt has an app on his phone that will turn pictures into zombie people and you can even do the percentage of how much you want them to turn into a zombie. Next time we have breakfast ask him and he can do zombie pics of the girls :)

  7. Eeek!

    That picture is creeping me out a little bit.

  8. Rita...not lame, understandable!! your siblings should NOT have let you watch that, sheesh! lol

    Amber...that's because you have been ghost hunting!

    Randi, definitely I want to get a pic of the girls like that!!!

  9. Are you sure you got away in time? If they sucked out your brains then everything would seem just fine.

  10. Right now I'm feeling dvstrf too.


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