A Gruesome Discovery

I found the body accidentally. I was just going about my business, never suspecting what I was about to stumble across. As I opened the container, I was planning on just grabbing a refreshing cucumber scented wipe, and moving on.

Instead, I recoiled in horror at the sight of a body stuffed in the container.

Why are kids so creepy? I mean, I absolutely adore my little darlings, but seriously. Lately they have been doing stuff that really creeps me out.

Tell me this wouldn't give you a start.

It makes me worry about what I am going to find next!


  1. Dude. Keep an third eye out. What's next, Princess in the dryer?

  2. LOL - death by cucumbers!

    Why do kids do this kind of stuff?

  3. ok, but is this worse, or clown head on a stick???

  4. At least she was in there alone. Could have been having a romatic tryst with Ken.


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