The Big Red Ball

So you know how Target has those giant red concrete balls in front of the doors? Here, let me refresh your memory.

Allow me to explain a near disaster which occurred when Ivy was just a couple of months old, involving the giant concrete Target balls.

The Situation: Exiting Target with Ivy in her car seat, which was in the cart.

Aggravating Factor #1: My new mommy-ness and the severe exhaustion had made me spacey... I mean, more spacey than usual. Which is scary spacey. Which means I probably should not have been allowed to drive for the first year of Ivy's life.

Aggravating Factor #2: I am 5 foot nothing, and I could not really see over the car seat as it sat in the cart, so my view was blocked from whatever was directly in front of me.

The Result: As I exited, I failed to notice the giant red concrete ball, and I crashed into it pretty hard with the cart.

Ivy didn't even flinch. But Phillip, being the new and protective dad, got pretty concerned, shall we say. He just couldn't understand why I didn't see the giant red ball in front of me. He checked Ivy for a concussion and I devolved into a pool of guilt goo.

And he never let me forget the red ball incident. Still. Like, as of yesterday evening.

Because as we were leaving Target last night he said, "Wait! Wait! Let's have a blast from the past!" And he proceeded to reenact the scene, pretending to crash into the red ball in Super Slo Mo using the cart he was pushing with Ivy and Violet in it.

"NWOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....!!!" he said in his deepest slo mo voice as he "crashed" the cart into the ball. "MY BAAABYYYYYYY.......!!" He curved his body over the cart handle, simulating the impact of my body on the cart.  "Kshhhh!" (super slo mo cart crashing sound as he pretended to ricochet off the cart)

Oh no he didn't!
Dude. He totally did.

Then he ended his slo mo reenactment, side looked me mischievously and laughed at me. Grrr.


  1. HAHAHAHA! lol that should totally be linked to Oh No He Didn't at Kristi's blog. lol it's totally a onhd momennt. check it out:

  2. You should probably run him over with the car. In slow motion, I'm thinking.

  3. Great idea Kiranda! I have been wanting to do one of those and it coincides perfectly!

  4. OMG! Next time I'm over I'll bring a wheelchair and we can recreate the time that you crashed me into the sidewalk!!! ;) ... I kid because I love!! :)

  5. LAURA!!! It was dark! I couldn't see the incline!! I didn't see that the wheelchair access wasn't perfectly level on the floor! We had picked up too much speed! Im sorry!!!!! Argh I suck!!! LOL

  6. LOL LOL LOL I heart you so very much!!! :)

    It's bad enough that you probably still feel guilty about it, but to have him remind you of it every. single. time. Ugh! Maybe he'll trip over one of those giant balls one these days. Just kidding.
    Thanks for stopping by and playing along with OH NO HE DIDN'T! Tuesday. I'd for you to play along again anytime! Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  8. Guys who do those things is because they know that you are WAAAYYYY TOOO perfect and have to put you down a notch or two... as my mom would say: shrug your shoulders, remember some song, and laugh.

  9. Can't stop I get further down your blogs I am having a hard time the refreshing honesty.


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