The Trap

We were driving home from an outing when from the back seat Ivy showed me that she had put her pencil with the fuzzy pencil topper in her mouth. The once fluffy pink tuft was soaked with saliva and looked disgusting. I took it from her and gingerly put it on the floor of the passenger side to be disposed of when we got home.

Ivy: Mom. Is that yo' pencil?
Me: Huh?
Ivy: I said, is that yo' pencil?
Me: No.
Ivy: Whose is it?
Me: Yours.
Ivy: 'Zacklee. So then why did you take it fwom me?

Ohhh SNAP.


  1. That is a cute conversation. You have a very bright little girl :)

  2. ha Ivy is hilarious! I miss them both! ahh.. :(

  3. hahahah. she sounds hilarious. i can't wait for austin to say that ridiculous stuff to me! lol

  4. Yeah just wait Kiranda... you want them to talk when they cannot talk yet, but then when they start... whew! You cannot get them to stop! LOL

  5. It's so funny the things that kids say!

  6. That conversation had me smiling all day long. I am keeping it in my safe for storage. It is priceless!


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