This is the Life

This morning Ivy went into the kitchen and got breakfast for herself and for Violet!!!

That means, I HAVE ARRIVED. I don't know where I have arrived, but its somewhere really cool. I got to lounge in bed longer than usual while listening to the sounds of the girls eating breakfast. Granted, the meal only consisted of yogurt. I mean its not like Ivy fired up the stove and baked a quiche. Yet.

But when you consider the constant "I'm hungry! Mama, mama, I want to eat!" situation, which is my usual wake up call, this is a happy sparkle glittery sunshine development! I love it that they are both old enough to just get out of bed, go to the kitchen, and get food for themselves.

Of course, 2 minutes into my bed lounging I thought, "What if one of them chokes?" and I just had to get up anyway. How do you choke on yogurt? I don't know. Just leave me to my mommy instincts or I will attack you and tear your limbs off. That's part of the mommy instinct too. I don't condone violence, but you can't get in the way of mommy instincts. Its dangerous and everyone knows it. If you don't know it yet, you will in about 5 seconds if you don't get off my case right now.

So. Back to normal person mode. I am having a great morning!! Are you?

PS - Its Friday Follow!!!


  1. I loooooove happy sparkle glittery sunshine developments! My two-year-old son is currently going through several of those - using the toilet, navigating the computer games without help, putting on his own shirt - and it's blissful. :) Enjoy!

  2. Great! I am glad that they didn't eat raw eggs, as their mommy did when she was 4yrs old, also trying to be independant and helpful. I still feel guilty about it... but I did sleep an extra hour!

  3. Yay that's awesome!

    I always get paranoid that a kid will choke too.

  4. I get paranoid about everything! Plus, I always have a dash of mommy guilt lurking in my mind somewhere. LOL Visiting and following back from Friday Follow. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!


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