As They Grow

For any of you who enjoy spending copious amounts of money for your kid's clothes and toys, go here and here.

For the rest of us, there is a semi-annual consignment event called As They Grow coming up this weekend (Sept. 17-19) that you should check out. Its happening at the 95 and Decatur next to Toys R Us and there are over 30,000 pieces of merchandise (clothes, toys, nursery furniture, baby gear, etc) to choose from. The whole thing is run by 3 moms and their army of volunteers.

I went and previewed them today, and I felt this itch to just start grabbing stuff and running to the register. I have a feeling it might be a little crazy once you get other moms in there who want the same stuff you do. I'm anticipating some tug o' wars and maybe a sucker punch or two.

It seems that the best way to shop is to volunteer to set up the event, because volunteers get to a) handle a lot of the items so they can see what is being sold and b) they get to shop before the general public and get first pick on all the really awesome deals. So it's too late for you to volunteer now, but for $2 you can still get in with the general public and wrassle a soccer mom or two.

As I went browsing through the aisles, I found numerous things I'd buy in a flash. This is also a particularly good place to shop for new moms, because they have an amazing selection of 0-12 months and tons of strollers and baby gear.

They tell me that many moms bring a laundry basket with a belt attached that they use to drag around the place as they shop. They also leave their kids behind so they can focus on the very serious business of bargain shopping.

I will probably do neither. I will bring the girls as human shields.

And anyway Ivy is old enough to double as a pack mule.

Check out some of the stuff I found.

Doll bed with pink bedding, $8

Another one with yellow bedding! I could totally get one for each of my girls so they don't fight over it!!!
Cupcake costume, $20. Having the best costume at the Halloween party: Priceless

 And here are some general photos of the place.

If you get down there this weekend, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought and what cool items you found!


  1. First off, serious business: Andrea, if you see a jogging storller that is a good name brand, in good condition and CHEAP can you call me? We have the money to reimburse you!!! :) No worries if there's no way you can handle that and the girls.

    Also, re: the two beds instead of one. Are you KIDDING me? The girls will fight over who gets to have BOTH? ;)

  2. Sara, I can handle it! Ivy can lay her mule's load on the jogging stroller and push it to the register. :)

  3. Yes, or they will fight over who gets the pink one... or do you think either will prefer the yellow one?

  4. Wow. For years they have been having the 'moms of triplets' sale across the street from me, big but nothing like that.


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