It Totally Worked

Apparently my calculated tactic of turning my back on summer has worked. The mornings are dawning cooler and cooler, and this morning there is almost a chill in the air. Granted, by this afternoon it will be 94 degrees. But that is still not 100+ degrees. Mornings are dawning later and later...and evening approaches sooner. This morning we even ventured out and took breakfast outside.

These are exciting times!

To all my Las Vegas friends: You Are Welcome!

I am glad to have served. I shall spend the rest of my day trying to resist the urge to dance around and sing triumphantly, "Ding dong, the Summer's dead!"


  1. On the contrary, I think you should dance around and sing "Ding Dong, the Summer's dead!" And I find the idea so amusing I think I'll join in.

  2. Noooooooooooooo - I like it warm - snow's almost here


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