Summer, You Are Dead to Me

That's right, Summer. I am turning my back on you FOREVER.

Or at least until next year.

It took a trip to Los Angeles to make me realize that in other parts of the country, autumn is already here. Nearly every day there was overcast and chilly, just the way I like it. But the seemingly eternal summer in Vegas had so confused me, that I thought autumn was still months away. I had barely registered that it was September.

And perhaps here in Vegas, it is still true that autumn is months away. Some years, we have had Hot Halloween. I hate Hot Halloween. It is so wrong

But the trip to L.A. made something click in me. I am re-energized. I suddenly want to start doing stuff.

So I decided I am going to ignore the 100 degree weather, crank up the air conditioning to fuzzy sock conditions, and pretend the chill in the air is real. There is nothing I can do about the eternally cerulean skies, though. I'm thinking sunglasses indoors will do the trick.     

Here is my zesty, crisp, refreshed, Autumn To Do List:

1. Sharpen a bouquet of pencils
2. Clean out the garage
3. Bake something with cinnamon
4. Start writing my Christmas crafts list (I am making presents, not buying them)
5. Drink something hot and pumpkin-y
6. Start planning my girls' November and December birthday parties
7. Eat some red apples (I don't why this makes me think of fall, but roll with it)
8. Scrapbook something

That's all I have so far. Am I missing anything? What's on your Autumn To Do List?


  1. I hear you! I hate that it is still so stinking hot here. On Sunday football was on, and although I don't watch football it made me sad because I was sitting here in the air conditioning staring at the blazing hot sun, when I should be sitting here wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and eating a bowl of chili!!!

  2. I sort of wish we could have a Hot Halloween. Mainly because covering up costumes with jackets is not cool.

  3. Stews and hot soup - but it better get a bit colder than our 96 today for that


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