The Nouveau West Side Story

I went to the Rescues and Runways Fashion Show yesterday evening, and there were some really adorable dogs up for adoption. Here are some of the models afterward.

After the fashion show I did a little shopping at maurices, and although admittedly I had never been to a maurices before, I think I may have found my new obsession. Their clothes are stylish and flattering, and they don't cost a spleen and a kidney (arms and legs are too common... spleens and kidneys bring much more on the black market these days than arms and legs. FYI.) Granted, the clothes are not exactly cheap either, but they are definitely within the realm of a shopping splurge now and again.

I loved the changing rooms in that place... each one has different wallpaper and a different chandelier. This one was my changing room.

I have been feeling like I need a makeover pretty badly lately, and the gorgeous clothes I bought helped me feel pretty, and witty, and gay. I mean that in a West Side Story sort of way. Where I am a Greaser and Phillip is a Soc, and our love can never be requited. But then on the sly we have 2 love children named Consuelo and Dolores, who enjoy such Soc activities as ballet. And boating.

It's the nouveau West Side Story, you haven't heard of it yet. But it's going to be big.

After the fashion show and shopping, we headed over to Mac Shack for a ridiculously delicious Farro Salad with spinach, red onions, tomato, and gorgonzola. It was ridic! That is the shortened version of "ridiculous" that all the cool Greasers are saying nowadays. You should look it up. But don't use it, because unless you are street like me, it will only make you sound like you are having a mid-life crisis.


  1. What did you get??? We, your fans, want pictures... and not just the clothes, but you modelling them!!! and you can have your pets with you, even if they are not up for adoption.

  2. Yea I agree with Norma.... fashion show PRONTO lady!!


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