Today is one of those days when I just have nothing interesting to say. So instead of being interesting, I am going to be boring. I think you will really like it. Its very cutting edge and artistic. I am so boring I am interesting. See how that works?

In order to borinterest you as fully as possible I am going to provide you with small, insignificant details of my life and surroundings, which you will then picture in your mind's eye, thus entering into a mind meld with me, a la Farscape.

1. I used to watch Farscape, a lot. I am a nerd. If you have ever seen it, please leave a comment saying so, that way I can know my fellow Farscape fans.

2. I have a baby calendar posted on my wall, where I wrote down Violet's every development for the 1st year of her life, on the exact day it happened. She is almost 2, so from that we can deduct that it should have been taken down and made into a scrapbook a year ago.

3. I am making a special little something as a giveaway. The half-finished product is sitting on my sewing desk. I cannot tell you what it is, but it is adorable, and it is pink with white polka dots. And you are going to want it for your daughter or niece.

4. Books have legs. In my house, all the children's books come fitted with their own legs, which they use to climb out of the bookshelf and walk around to random places in the house. Such as: the piano bench, the couch, the floor, the kitchen, my bedroom, the bathroom, and the sewing desk. The legs are hairy and short, which creeps me out. I sometimes try to strategically place shaving cream and a razor so the book-legs can take care of that nastiness. But then I realize they only have legs and no arms, which would make the shaving difficult. Must train them to use toes as hands.

5. I have a wastebasket 3/4 of the way filled with pieces of paper and scraps of fabric that has not been emptied in months.

6. I am listening to Pink Martini. They are awesome and if you have yet to discover them, you are missing out. Here, watch this.

7. I could really go for a good email. The kind that pops up in your inbox and creates a ray of sunshine in your day.

8. I fell asleep for a few minutes there, between #7 and #8. That is how uninteresting writing this post has been. Which means that I have surely borinsterested you all along! Mission accomplished.


  1. Oooohhhh, a GIVEAWAY!!! FUUUUN!!!!

    Speaking of giveaways, I found the COOLEST site from which I am going to get you something and it will be COOL. Muwahahahahaha. So much fun I am having purusing what to get you from this very fun site!!! :P

  2. I don't know what it is, but I do know that Ella needs it if it's pink with polka dots. Let's rig it so I win.

  3. Shoot, if this post is boring, my whole blog is boring, since I blog about the same types of topics! So I'm going to state that this is the most fascinating post EVER!

  4. Update: I just bought you the COOLEST stuff. :)

  5. Sara, how fun!! Can I have a hint???

  6. Hmmm.....well, it is very autumnal and unique and totally YOU. Muwahahahah! I could have easily spent over $100.00 there!

  7. Loved Farscape, but I still don't understand the final ending. What happened to them in that boat?
    We've got several Pink Martini CDs (almost called them albums there, yes, still thinking old school), good choice.

  8. Joe, I have no idea what the deal was with them fractioning in the boat! But I guess they made a movie after that to wrap up the loose ends in the story. It wasn't too great though.

    Teri, there is no way your blog is boring! I love reading it! :)


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