If You Like Piña Coladas...

If you like Piña Coladas puppies raise your hand. If you like fashion, raise your other hand. If you like both those things and you raised both your hands, you look like you are being mugged right now.

The point is that there is a Rescues and Runways Fashion Show going on this Saturday from 5pm to 7pm at maurices (off the 215 and Rainbow).  They run the campaign with the ASPCA in order to increase pet adoptions and awareness of animal cruelty, so the models will be doing their thang on the runway along with some adorable pups. Two totally awesome things combined. It's brilliant.

Now if you don't like orphaned puppies, you have no heart. Seriously, you are a sick person. You should get help.

And if you like Piña Coladas...go to a bar. I'll be joining you shortly because I also like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

I am going to bring la familia to the fashion show, and maybe el perro too. If you are one of my Vegas readers, and we have yet to meet, come on down and stalk me a little. I should be there right around the 5pm mark. I'll even give you my autograph. What's that? You don't want my autograph?  Well then maybe you should re-read my "I Am a Celebrity" post.

What. You don't know what I look like? Well, even though you should know what I look like by now, here is me.

And here is Phillip. He is also recognizable by the giant patch of blond on his head. If you can even see the top of his head, which is 6 feet up in the air.

And I know you know what the girls look like.

Make sure you come up to me and say hi. Otherwise I will think no one is reading this and no one cares. And that will hurt my feelings. I will curl up into a little ball and weep. In the middle of the runway. With a puppy. Just to make you feel bad about it all.


  1. well, i could go for a pina colada, and i like puppies.... but it's kind of a long drive from here... ;)

  2. Andrea, I KNOW you just blow dried your dry hair JUST for that pic, right? lol

  3. Sara, I always blow dry my hair if I want to be seen in public! It does too many weird things if I don't!


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