I Am A Celebrity

I didn't expect this to happen, but here we are. I am officially a celebrity.

My adoring fans are constantly flocking around me. They want my attention. They hang on my every word. They want nothing more than to be close to me in their every waking moment.

They think everything I do is awesome. Even (or especially) if it's dumb. They want to emulate me. They want to do what I do. I am their inspiration.

Sometimes, when I try to get some space from them, I even move them to tears and hysterics.

Are you ready for the Big Reveal as to who I am?

Surprise! I am a celebrity to my 2 daughters.

(Imagine cheesy let-down music here- woh-woh-woooooh!)

A couple of days ago, when I was despairing about the fact that Violet would not leave me alone for an instant and Ivy wouldn't go to sleep because she wanted me near her, Phillip said, "Aren't you flattered? All they want to do is be near you." I side-looked him and tucked that gem away for the opportunity to throw it back in his face. Which I did, at dinner the next evening when Ivy kept creeping ever closer to him until she was crowding his elbow and he had no more space to himself. "Aren't you flattered?" I asked. "All she wants to do is be close to you." He didn't see the humor.

Anyway, I did think about it, and actually it is flattering. Usually it is more flattering when I have had a good night's sleep. It is sweet that they so want to be close to me. I feel very loved by them.

Violet has also been going through a possessive phase these days. Phillip cannot even hold my hand without her pushing him away, hugging my hand and saying, "Mine!" Now that is cute. Ah, my adoring fans!


  1. Enjoy it while it lasts! Treasure it... for the time when they don't want you near, for when "mommy?" changes into "mother!" For the time when you have to give them their space, let them do their own mistakes, have their own opinions and don't need yours. Give them about 10 more years or so, and the next period will last about 20 years until they come around and need you or want you again.:::sigh::: How nice it is to say it!!! :-P


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