I Rock...

...because I am watching my friend's 2 kiddos and I just got 3 out of the 4 children to take a nap! The only one still holding out as of this moment is, of course, Ivy. She always insists that she hates to sleep. But even she is in bed, and since this morning's wake-up call happened at 6am I am feeling pretty good about the chances of her also falling asleep.

UPDATE from 5 seconds ago when I wrote the above paragraph: Ivy is also asleep! 

I have conquered the world!!!

You may think climbing Everest or being Alexander the Great is how one conquers the world, but it is not. Getting 4 children (2 of which are not yours) to nap, now THAT is conquering the world!! Even if this beautiful moment lasts only 5 minutes, this is an amazing moment in history.

Granted, although 4 out of 4 kids being asleep makes me feel like I won the Iron Woman of Mothering, I know a lot of this has to do with circumstance. An early wake up call, bellies filled with juice and a snack, a certain kindly disposition towards me by the LORD, etc. etc.

But still. I think I will revel in this as a major victory anyway!


  1. You are not supposed to put vodka in the cool aid to accomplish that.


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