Saturday Replay - I Will Forgive You Anything If You Make Me Laugh

Welcome to Saturday Replay, where I succumb to my laziness and repost a previous entry! I originally posted this one in May, and I am still laughing about it. Re-Enjoy!

I Will Forgive You Anything If You Make Me Laugh

Last night, after spending a good while dancing around with Ivy in his arms, Phillip sat down to rest. At Ivy's continued insistence he got up again to dance with her some more. "Whew," he sighed. From where I was comfortably reclining in the armchair, I pronounced, "You're out of shape!"

Phillip side-looked me and said archly, "Like you can talk, you're just laying there like Jabba the Hutt."

And glancing at a butt-naked Violet, who was cackling at all the activity as she half-perched on my shoulder and chest, he added, "With your little frog thing!"

I laughed so hard that I forgot to passive-aggressively torture him the rest of the evening for calling me Jabba the Hutt.

PS I found out that Jabba's little "frog thing" has a name.... Salacious Crumb!


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