Who is Pepo?

You might be more interested in educated-literary-person questions such as, "Who is John Gault?" But today we answer the question, "Who is Pepo?"

Pepo is my house guest. You know what they say about guests being like fish and stinking after 3 days. Since Pepo has been our guest for 5+ days, the stench of guest-iness is unbearable.

Pepo intrudes on our breakfast. He will plop down right next to the girls, without a clue as to how inappropriate it is to interrupt their meal. Pepo will read over my shoulder when I am trying to get some quiet time in. Pepo is always here. Its like he has nothing better to do! Annoying!

Who is Pepo?

This is Pepo:

My mom named a fly at her house "Pepo" in the hopes of getting the girls to stop freaking out about his presence. It totally worked.

So when a nasty fly got into our house, Ivy immediately perked up and said, "Hey! Pepo came to our house!" Oh, joy.

Now every time I try to swat him into fly-pulp, Ivy gets upset and tells me not to hurt her "friend". And since flies exist all over the place, every time we see one, she goes, "Hey, there's Pepo!" In fact, she saw the image of the fly as I typed this up, and went, "Hey, what's Pepo doing there?"

And given his remarkable longevity, I must be a pretty poor housekeeper seeing as he has yet to starve to death. I'm working on it.


  1. 3 words for you: Ew, Ew, EWWWW!!! Yes, Ivy loves Pepo and he is her new found BFF, and I'm glad she can get along with someone, albeit it's a fly... it's still gross. Especially when you're sitting there peacfully when all of a sudden "BZZZZ!" right in your ear!! BLEGh! nasty. So as Mom says at home when we find a 'Pepo', "La raqueta! La raqueta!". jajajaja :)

  2. I think you got punk'd by your mom :)

  3. Yes, la raqueta works... and Ivy knows it. Everytime I grabbed it she hid under the table asking: don't hurt Pepo, no, don't hurt Pepo! So I had to limit myself to other bugs, since I didn't know which of the flies was Pepo. And I waited until she was asleep and... no, I didn't kill Pepo. I didn't have the heart I just shooed Pepo and all his friends out the door.
    P.S.: FYI, Ivy chose the name.

  4. Ivy chose the name?!? Crazy, I had no idea! I thought it was a bit of a coincidence that you had named it for a character in one of Ivy's books. No wonder. :)

  5. Oh No! Cristabel saw me reading this post and she goes "Hey, scroll up I want to see Pepo! He's so cute!" Ivy and she can start the Pepo fan club.


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