Black Friday Sale

Hi everyone! Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

I have nothing much to say, except "Good Luck!" on shopping all those Black Friday Sales! I, for one, am going nowhere. This is a perfect day for staying warm and cozy and spending quality time with la familia.

I am going to start decorating for Christmas, do some crafts, and be as silly as possible with my family. What are you doing today? Braving the sales? Drinking hot chocolate and eating leftovers? Watching snoozeball? Are you still in a food coma from yesterday? Whatever it is, I hope you are happy and having fun.


  1. I did go out to a few stores- but after the crazies were gone!

  2. hey, i'm not a crazy! ;)
    and it was totally fun!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Um, you are a just little bit crazy. I know because I read your blog LOL ;)

  5. I did do Black Friday shopping. It wasn't really scary :)


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