SEO Basics - What is SEO?

I went to the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp on Saturday. Because I am a major airhead, I did not even consider the fact that Utah is an hour ahead of Vegas. Duh. So I got there an hour late and missed the whole lecture on Twitter.

The whole thing was very interesting, but the hands down best part was learning about SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It has been the mystery plaguing me for a while now. And it is ridiculously simple. Or at least the beginners version is simple.

Wanna know how to do SEO? (Am I violating any rules here by publishing it? If I am, let me know!) The very, very, very basics are:

~ Your blog titles should be the names of things people search on. Instead of a really funny and witty title, do something boring like "crafts" or "how to fly a kite" - stuff like that.

~ When you post an image, rename it as something easily searchable, like the above examples. Even if the picture has nothing to do with what you name it. Oh, and if the name has more than one words don't runittogether, because Google will read that like alloneword. You have to separate-each-word-with-a-dash, because Google reads dashes like spaces.

~ Only use 10-12 tags instead of all the creative/cool ones you thought up. Like my fave tags: "beating people with my opinions" and "humiliation of the day". Apparently not many people search Google for those. Instead I should be saying things like "parenting" and "potty training" and stuff that is relevant to my post but in a really boring way. Who knew!

Here is a more comprehensive explanation.

So from now on, forgive me if my titles and tags are uber boring. I am trying to increase my SEO!


  1. This would be fascinating if I knew what SEO meant.

  2. I am going to take a wild guess and say that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. I'm such a wordplay nerd!

  3. Good suggestions another thing to remember when using keywords for your tags is to find search terms that have lower results (50'000 or less for example) while these pages might not be as popular, you have a better chance of getting on the first page of google. So as these terms become more used your blog gets more hits from them.

  4. Yesss - Sorry, it is indeed Search Engine Optimization!

  5. But why? Aren't you happy with us?

  6. Of course I am Joe! This would just open up even more people to seeing the glory of the Las Vegas Mama ;)

  7. I enjoyed meeting you at bloggy bootcamp and excited to now be reading your blog. :)

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