How to Spend Quality Time with Family

The Thanksgiving holiday was all kinds of awesome. There is nothing in the world like spending quiet, quality time with the people you grew up with - the people who know you better than anyone else in the entire world (except my husband, who uncanny with predicting how I will react to things).

Although Thanksgiving Day itself was a lot of fun, Saturday night seriously takes the cake for fun family nights. My mom and sister cooked an amazing dinner. In other words, I did nothing! Yay!!!

We also cracked open a few bottles of wine. I am not much of a drinker but when the mood strikes me for wine, I gets all thirsty-like. So glug glug glug. I had a couple reds. A few whites. Over the course of what was probably two hours, we had that delish dinner, drank up, and had a very engaging and lively conversation about life, religion, and... well...ok, it was just life and religion.

Ivy and Violet eventually decided we were not paying enough attention to them and pulled me and my sister Natalia away from la sobremesa (a Spanish word that refers to the period after the meal is over when you linger at the dinner table with friends and family, just talking and sipping wine). They wanted to play Hide and Seek.

And let me tell you - playing Hide and Seek is totally fun. And it is even more fun after 2 or 3 or 8 glasses of vino. After we played for a while I had to ditch the game because I was getting dizzy. Fortunately, I had already cut myself off when we started playing. Ok, maybe I did hide once with a glass of wine in my hand. I can do that, its my house, I am the boss, and there is nothing wrong with playing Hide and Seek while clutching your wine, as long as you do not spill.

Feeling all giggly and silly, we put on waltzes and danced around while Ivy and Violet bounced around us and off of us, like little pinballs. Someone had the brilliant idea of putting on Sardanas (traditional Spanish dances). We got into a circle and danced our little hearts out! It was the best fun I have had in a long time.

Side note- here is a very little known fact about me: I used to be part of a Catalonian dance group (Grup Dansaire) that did the traditional dances from Catalonia, Spain (Barcelona is where my mom's family originated).

Wanna see what my mom, my sister and I danced on Saturday night? It looks deceptively easy. Fast forward to the last 30 seconds to a better idea of what it takes. Also, before you start to mock me, you should know that it is incredibly fun! Plus its my heritage - that makes it automatically cool, suckas!

Here is more of the type of dancing that the Grup Dansaire did:

Wish there was a Grup Dansaire in Vegas!!! Woot!


  1. Well it sure sounds like you had fun on Thanksgiving! And that doesn;t look easy to me - I can't dance to save my life! LOL

  2. A bottle of red, a bottle of white - now I'm singing Billy Joel! Hide and seek is always more fun after a few drinks!

  3. Yeah it was great Emily!

    Evonne, the wine take H&S to a whole new level, don't you think?

  4. Sounds like you had a fun holiday! and I am jealous of all that bottle of wine drinking! Makes me thirsty!

  5. Amanda, you would have loved this fume blanc we cracked open. It was yummmmsssss!

  6. Look, this is la Santa Espina... although we were better at it! ... and it is a Catalonian dance, don't be confused or your ancestors shall damn you!!!
    We really had a grand time didn't we? The pinball made me laugh so hard that I was hurting.

  7. The last 30 seconds are them taking bows and applause - so that's what it's all about. Must be better after a few glasses of wine.

  8. Ok Joe, you smarty pants! It might be more like 1 minute before the end. Silly. :)


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