Hoodwinked: The Scam of the Century

Good title, right? Sounds epic, in my opinion. But that is because it is epic.

I accidentally stumbled upon a seriously awesome parental scam. It involves frozen fruit. And the words "ice cream". It's so easy, it's almost criminal.

I bought a variety of frozen fruit - strawberries, mango, and blueberries - with the intention of making smoothies for the girls, to up their fruit intake. To my surprise, they wanted to eat the frozen fruit on its own. Something about it being cold, or maybe the texture. They loved it.

So when they started clamoring for dessert after dinner one night, I offered them some "mango ice cream".

"Yes! Yes!" they clamored. And that was the start of something beautiful. Now, if they need a little pick me up while I am making dinner, I offer them "ice cream", which is healthy and doesn't fill them up too much. They also tend to get hungry again a couple hours after dinner. Again, I offer them "ice cream". So getting their fruits in has been a thousand times easier, they feel like they are getting something fun and tasty, and it requires zero effort from me!

I think next week I am going to try frozen veggies and see how that one goes over. Probably not as great as this one, but it is totally worth a try! I want to hoodwink them again. So, so badly. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. My daughter loves frozen fruit - sometimes too if I microwave fresh fruit a few seconds she sees that as a treat too. I may or may not drizzle a little honey or raw sugar on it before I microwave. ;)

  2. Don't think frozen broccoli will have quite the same impace

  3. You are becoming a scam artist! I'm so proud of you! Do you remember eating cream of potatoes, cream of whatever soups when you were little? You and your sisters loved them! Guess what was inside... and what about spaghetti sauce? The good old blender can do wonders!


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