Let Them Eat Cake

Halloween ended up working out quite well, despite my Halloween mojo being dead! We went to a Halloween party at my brother in law's house for the evening and then went Trick or Treating in their neighborhood.

Here are some pictures of our costumes.

Ivy reigns as Marie Antoinette

Violet is a cake, but since we didn't give her real cake to eat she got mad.

Here they are sitting together.

And here they are walking up to their aunt and uncle's house for the Halloween party.

So what did I finally decide to dress up as? Well... it didn't match the girls at all, like Phillip did with his princely cape. I pulled it together the day before Halloween by raiding my mom's house. Suddenly there was a big perk to the fact that they don't get rid of old stuff.

Side ponytail? Check.
Blazer with big shoulder pads? Check.
Bright forehead bandana? Check.
Frosted lipstick and blue eyeshadow? Check.
Tapered jeans tucked into scrunched tube socks? Check.

....Aaaaaannnnnd VIOLA!

I went as someone upon whom the 1980's had vomited.
Now that is scary. The sheer cruelty of 80's fashion continues to kill and maim unsuspecting Halloween-goers to this day. I have video of me from yesterday dancing some 80's moves but it was so deeply and shockingly 1980's that I passed out afterward from the horror. I thought I would spare you all nightmares for weeks to come.


  1. You look marvelous! (To use a phrase from the same decade as your costume.)
    The girls looked wonderful!

  2. Oh Drea, You HAVE to post the video! It's so perfect!! haha And I agree with Fancy That! The new layout is like, sooooo radical dude!! :)

  3. The new blog look is JUST THIS SIDE OF AWESOME!

    Go 80s!

    We still have some birthday cake left over for you...!

  4. Love the new layout, too! Yay!


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