Dream Land

I have to tell you about my dreams last night. Wait. Don't run away yet! I know, usually when someone recounts their dreams you are thinking, "Holy cow, this person is WEIRD. And boring. When are they going to stop talking about this really long, insane, pointless dream? They lost me at marshmallow kazoo."

What, you don't think that? Well then you are better than me, and I am the only jerk who thinks retelling dreams is booooorrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnng. Despite my thoughts on the topic, I never, ever stop myself from recounting my dreams to everyone else. Because my dreams are fascinating.

So the dream is that I was at Caesar's palace, and I was supposed to have my spa treatment at a certain hour, but we were leaving to go back to LA (I guess in my dream that is where we lived). So I was not going to have enough time. The spa attendant sent me to the spa across the street in a different casino for my mud bath. When I got to the other spa some friends were there, and we were trying to take pictures of each other before we went in so we could have a nice memory of our day. But the sun was really bright and kept shining in our eyes making us squint. So a large portion of the dream was us trying to get a good picture, moving around, trying different angles. We finally gave up and went in for the mud bath. It was awesome! And free. You know, because its a dream.

After that I went back to the original spa and had to follow some weird instructions about cooking in a metal bowl and how you cannot mix any meat in the bowl. Guess what - I totally put meat into the metal bowl because I just didn't care, and it wasn't my bowl anyway, so what if it got ruined? (Apparently in my dreams I am a real punk).

Ok.... I have to stop there. I guess that is a bit boring. You had to be there. Sorry for the pointless time suck. Oh, and P.S. - I was woken up by my head itching really badly in one spot, like if I had been bitten by something, and I totally thought "I have to blog about this." What can I say, I was still half asleep and I for some reason I thought it would make an interesting post!

So anyway now you can all psychoanalyze me based on my dream. Go!


  1. In my professional opinion as an elementary school counselor (and based on your use of the word "jammies" I think I'm qualified) I believe you have unresolved issues with authority (I mean, who puts meat on a bowl when they are SPECIFICALLY asked not to! tsk tsk) AND you suffer from a severe case of listentomeitis ;) ... Also, 'member when we used to have unnecessarily long conversations about our dreams?! :) that was fun! ... AND what number am I thinking of??? ... lastly, I would like to congratulate you on reaching 100 followers! :) 99 other people that think your brilliant! ... Sorry for the long comment - it's 5 am and I'm WIDE AWAKE! :p

  2. I'm confused. Where did the marshmallows come in?

  3. Now I just feel the urge to go to a spa.

  4. Laura I think you are right. Wow. You are good! You're thinking of a number 8! Did I guess it correctly??


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