The Devil Does a Jig at

Amazon just pulled the pedophile's how-to manual they were selling. Good. But guess what? The point is that you were willing to sell it in the first place. It's disgusting and so, so wrong.

They also sell, or have sold in the past, other very questionable material that covers a how-to for illegal activities - including how to smuggle cocaine. The devil is doing a jig over at Amazon if you would like to join him there. He big puffy sparkle hearts Amazon, you see.

You can read more about the sicko book here.

I, for one, am saying "LATER, SUCKA!" to Amazon. There are plenty of other online book, movie and random stuff sellers out there who don't support criminal activities.  I think I will just head over to one of them for my holiday shopping. How about you?


  1. John told me about this this morning. He has always predicted that this activity will not be so shocking 30 years from now. Society is going to hell in a handbasket


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