Candyland Birthday Party

This weekend we had a combined birthday for Ivy and Violet, so that our families could come up from LA and help us celebrate. Along with our families, I invited my BFF from LA and my BFF from here in Vegas. Feel special, BFFs. It was only my family and YOU. Are you so, so honored?

Anyway, at the last second I decided to just go for a Candyland theme. I only had 2 days to plan it because up until 2 days before hand, I was totally uninspired. This is what I came up with.

Sugar cookie lollipops, made and decorated from scratch

Cupcake sugar cookies

Sugar Cookie gingerbread men, decorated like the game pieces

Gingerbread men, candy canes and the Lollipop Forest cutouts for the walls. 
I used different sized glass containers along these ledges and filled them with different candies

Fun signs

Violet trying to break into the candy...
...And she succeeded.

I made Ivy this "I Heart Candy" shirt using felt and a glue gun. Simple, quick, and cute.

The birthday girls. Violet's shirt says "100% Sweet". I totally didn't make that one.
Granted, my little theme is nothing compared to some of the other parties I have seen on various blogs. Now those are some Candyland themes done right! But for 2 days prep, I was perfectly satisfied with how it turned out.

The next party I am planning is for all of Ivy's little friends. This was a family affair, and now its time to work on something for friends. Violet doesn't get a party for her friends because... well, she is 2 and she doesn't really have any yet.

I am working on the invite for that party, the theme is Alice in Wonderland. If you are reading this and you have little girls who are friends with Ivy you will be getting your invite next week. If your daughter is friends with Ivy and you do not get an invite, then I am a totally thoughtless jerk and you need to call me out on it so I can get your invite to you!


  1. Looks great! I love the theme idea and the cookies are so cute! You did great especially with only two days to plan..

  2. For last minute decorations and snacks those seem pretty fancy to me!

  3. I think it looks adorable! I'm so not creative, so anything more than streamers and balloons impresses me.

  4. Well thanks guys...we almost kept it at balloons and streamers, but thanks to the last minute inspiration that hit me, I was able to pull something else off entirely!


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