I Like Driving People Away from my Blog

Apparently I my blog is starting to be like the bubonic plague of blogs. Because people are avoiding it like the...plague. First of all, no one commented on my last post. Ouch. See, this is what happens when I stop trying to be entertaining and just write what is on my mind. And second of all, no one commented on my last post.

I am weeping. Ok, I am not weeping.

But seriously, where is everyone?? I am pretty sure most of you have nothing better than to wait around, refreshing the browser to see if I posted anything new. I mean really, it is not as if there was a holiday recently and you are all catching up on everything that got put on hold over the holiday! Oh, wait.


  1. I think it is just bc it is the holidays!! Do you tweet and FB your posts?? Sometimes that is the only way I remember to read it! No worries mama. This is a busy time for a lot of people! :)
    Now off to read your post below.

  2. I think it's just that time of year. I'll head over to read your previous post, too!

  3. maybe i didn't comment because you called me crazy?!? LOL! just kidding, i didn't see that until now.
    my viewership has been down lately too. i think it's the holidays as well, plus i haven't had the time to pimp my blog out. i never knew how much work blogging is!

  4. It IS so much work! Geez! I mean, I could spend 8 hours a day working on blog stuff, promoting it, commenting, etc etc. It is exhausting.

  5. I'm commenting to say I haven't commented because I couldn't think of anything to say. I've been very tired lately. I dunno, just haven't felt like wittily bantering or even wittily commenting. :(


  6. I'm commenting to say I haven't commented because I've been stuffing my face. And I forgot that I wasn't the only blogger in the world. Yep, I just now remembered that I have blogs that I like to follow. So there you go, you didn't just get a comment, you got a mini-novel!


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