The Drunken Pumpkin

So on Friday I went to the Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian's Palazzo for my birthday spa day. It was great, Phillip took the day off so he could watch the girls while I went to relax. He wins the Husband of the Year award.

I had an AROMATHERAPY massage. I had to spell that all in caps so you can understand the hugeness of how fabulous that is. It was SO aroma-y and SO massage-ish, I loved it. They even massaged by eyebrows. That made me want to laugh.

Pinch pinch pinch, went the masseuse. I suppressed a giggle. Pinch pinch pinch. I held my breath. Pinch pinch pinch.

She really needs to stop now, I thought to myself. Pinch pinch pinch. I started to laugh, tried to suppress it, and ended up making a strange gurgle-snort sound.

"Andrea..." she whispered softly. "Are you doin' alright?"

Totally fine, dude, but you are massaging my eyebrows, I thought to myself.

Anyway, I met up with Gucci Mama there from Mama Still Wears Gucci. If you have yet to read her very entertaining blog go check it out. After our hanging out at in the Wave Room (ocean waves projected on the ceiling while you recline in fully tilted back armchairs), the whirlpool, the igloo, the sauna and the Saltwater Grotto, we got ready and went to dinner at Postrio.

When we got to Postrio I ordered a drink that is called the Drunken Pumpkin. Gucci Mama is so fascinating and the drink was so drunk-making that as I listened to her talk I slowly brought the martini glass to my pursed ready-to-drink lips to take a sip. Unfortunately I had a slight misunderstanding in terms of distance between the glass and my lips...and I slowly poured a sip down the front of my sweater instead of my lips. I am a class act, you know. The glass never even touched my lips, that is how far it was from my face.

Fortunately Wolfgang Puck was too far across the room to notice. Seriously, he was there! We were going to get our picture taken with him but we hesitated to run up to him like groupies. He disappeared from view.

I called the manager over and informed him of my importance as a local blogger. "Get Wolfie over here, please. I need a picture with him," I said. "I'm so sorry," the manager informed me, "He's already left. When you see him you have to catch him right away or he leaves pretty quickly."  I guess being groupies was totally the way to go. Lesson learned!

But as a consolation he sent over their Smores Cake and a couple of lattes, on the house. Its no picture with Wolfgang Puck, but you know what? I'll take it. Gucci and I downed that puppy like baby chicks eat regurgitated bird seed- we just opened up our throats and down down the hatch! Here are Gucci and I in all our fabulous post-spa glory:

I know. We are radiant. It's out of control.


  1. Oh. So CUTE! Love the picture and tots jealous of the martini - lattes and smores.

    :) and the spa stuff too. That would be grand.

  2. I am so jealous! If I ever get to Vegas (it's on my to do list) we need meet up. Now what's in that Drunken Pumpkin?

  3. you look lovely! congrats on your awesome day. i am trying not to be envious and hate you for being suck a lucky bitch. it's kind of working! ;)

  4. That was the most fun I've had in a LONG time. And I'm still salivating over that dessert. Noms. I will be back soon to recreate the awesome. SO glad we met up! You are so totally fabulous.

    The Drunken Pumpkin down the blouse was pretty much the highlight of my life.

  5. Listen, ladies - this was a once in a year to two years experience, so don't be too jealous... I don't go all the time :)

    Gucci - It was so totally fun!! Cannot wait to meet up again!!! P.S. - the Drunken Pumpkin will go down in history as one of the funniest moments evah!

  6. Why don't you go all the time? Poke hubby to send you more often. At least for the dessert. (it's free with a meal for locals)

  7. Yeah I love that place. All the Puck restaurants in town give free desserts for locals. Oh wait. Now I don't feel special because of my awesome bloggery-ness anymore! :)

  8. I really don't have an original comment, everyone has already mention everything I thought of: envy, jealous, yum, fun, etc etc... Not to mention we are in Virginia and it is nowhere close to as fun here!
    Thanks for following me at Teens and a I am following you too!


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