Late Nights & Early Mornings: It's Only Ok When It's By Choice

I went to sleep late last night because I felt the need to watch Scrubs episodes on, and snack on a late night PB&J. The quietness of the house after everyone is asleep is my haven. This is when I can just veg out and finally RELAX. No tugging on my arm, no "mom! mom! look at me!", not even a husband to chat with. Just me and whatever I want to do.

Mostly I want to recoup my sanity and remember that I am a person. Not just a boogie-wiper. Not just the hand that feeds them. Not just a play mate who re-enacts Disney movies over and over.

So heck yeah, I will watch adult-appropriate content on Scrubs! I will eat late at night if I want to. The No More Food After Dinner, and If I Do Give in to Your Baby Bird "Cheep! Cheeps!" Then You Can Just Have Some Fruit Rule does not apply to me! And oh yes, I will pee with the door shut in total, utter and complete silence!!!

It was good. Oh, so good. A girl could get used to this. Of course, I am paying for it this morning though because I had an atrocious back ache due to a certain baby who woke up at 6am wanting to cuddle with me, and so could not sleep in. Oh well! It was worth it.


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