Monday, Monday...

Ivy's ear ache is now under control with the use of ear drops. Sadly, said ear drops are the consistency of petrified honey. So it takes close to forever to drip down in to the ear canal.  I just want to know who the genius is that created such a thick solution for use in squirmy children.

We just got back from another trip to LA for a family function. For some reason whenever I come back from a trip I feel this combination of an intense desire to clean and organize, and a sense of dread at the chaos that inevitably follows our arrival home.

Among my top three dreaded chaotic travel results:
  1. Mountains of never ending laundry
  2. Toys that have multiplied themselves in the warm, dark environs of the travel toy bag
  3. Seeing the mess we originally left behind with fresh eyes
Someday, when I win the lottery and can afford to retain a live-in maid (or when start a cult where people think they have to clean my house in order to cleanse the aliens living in their bodies), my home will an impeccable oasis of cleanliness, calm and order. Someday. I just need to figure out which is more likely. Play the lottery? Or start a cult? Hmm, decisions, decisions...

Ok. Cults take too much energy, what with brainwashing people and junk. Lottery it is! I will let you know when I win it. Not so you can mooch off me because you think we are friends or you think you know me. It would be more so that you can follow the dramatic thread of my life story. Then I can get Jodi Foster to play me. Fun!


  1. dude. jodi foster? more like the super nanny!!!! :P

  2. Jodi Foster is more glamorous.

  3. I say go for the cult! I mean, unfortunately I think the people that will fall for the "clean my house to cleanse your body of aliens" will not require much energy from your part to brainwash - they kinda already come slightly pre-washed :)

  4. Also, I would like to have some sort of acknowledgment for posting a comment ... I'm not asking for anything big, maybe a little crown or something :)

  5. give Laura a STAR!!!!
    Did you try warming the drops? most of the time you have to do that before you drop them in the ear. CHUIK, CHUIK.


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