Scheduling My Life

I was thinking that I want to start structuring our day to day and trying to make a real schedule for ourselves. You know, like:

6am         Wake up* and eat breakfast 
6:15am    While making breakfast be angry that I am awake. Make coffee. Drink coffee. Be slightly less angry
6:30am    Nope, still angry. Make more coffee. Stare and it and wonder how many it will take to make the sleepy go away
7am        Clean up from breakfast. Remove soggy cheerios from girls' hair. Wipe up the lake of milk on the floor.
7:15am   Get kids dressed
7:30am   Finally catch naked babies who are running away from me. Dress them. Shoot,  I forgot their shoes. Get shoes and socks, chase them again. Catch them again. Put shoes on them.
8am       Look for lost keys. Find keys. Get diaper bag ready. While getting diaper bag ready toddler takes found keys and loses them again. Look for them again.
8:15am   Found keys again. Go grocery shopping. (Note: it only took us 2.25 hours to get out of the house. Probably should work on that)
9:15am   Come home, unload car while girls bounce freely around the inside of the car.
9:20am   Break up the fight, remove chunk of Ivy's hair from Violet's fingers. Administer a time out.
9:45am   Everyone is inside, groceries are put away. Snack time.
10am       Do intellectually stimulating activities that will make my children intellectually crush yours
11am       Lunch (what, too early? Please see wake up time)

And so on, and so forth...Anyway, something like that. I think a schedule would help me avoid those days when we all stay in our pj's until Phillip gets home from work. I am not embarrassed to admit we do that sometimes because I know in my heart I am not the only mom who has days like that. Plus I want to start doing more structured intellectual activities for Ivy. When she uses words like "impressed" and "struggle", it makes me think she is ready for some real learning activities.

* Wake up time is not dictated by me, I would not ever consciously choose this hour to remove myself from my warm and comfy bed.


  1. what do you mean that "days like these" is in reference to days that moms spend in their pjs. Try more like "Days when we are OUT of our pjs." That'ss the norm unfortch.

  2. "... intellectually crush yours"? Wow, nice. Good to have a game plan.


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