Making My Escape

Last night I thought I was being so clever... I escaped and quickly ran to the bathroom and locked the door so I could use the potty* without 2 children and a dog for company.

They trailed after me, and immediately started pounding the door. I can hear the dog panting and Violet babbling on the other side of the door as they all camped out. Suddenly, it stopped. All was silent. And then, Ivy's voice piped through, "Mom! Mom? I need you. What are you doing? You using the potty?"

Me: Yes!   (toilet flushes)
Ivy: Now what are you doing?
Me: Flushing the toilet.
Ivy: You done going potty?
Me: Yes. (turning the water on to wash my hands)
Ivy: What's that sound?
Me: I am washing my hands.

(I decide to take the opportunity to put away some toothbrushes and hair clips on the counter)

Ivy: Mom! What's that? What's that sound? What are you doing?
Me: I am just putting some things away.
Ivy: How?
Me: I just am.
Ivy: Why?
Me: Because.
Ivy: What is it?
Me: Some stuff on the counter.
Ivy: Now what are you doing?

So now I am trying to decide which is the more peaceful experience...letting them all in or locking them out!

* Yeah, I say "potty" now and I am only marginally embarrassed about it. 


  1. definitely lock them out, lol.

  2. somehow I still vote for lock them out --- if I don't, they still ask questions but it's while they're staring at me!


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