Not My Gym

I went to My Gym in Henderson today to check it out, but I didn't end up staying for the trial class.

Just walking in felt uncomfortable, like outsiders didn't belong there. There was an infant class going on at the time, and the 2 people who worked there were involved in singing songs and throwing toys around for the oblivious infants and their beaming parents.

One of them finally came over to change the annoyingly loud music, and said, "Gimme like 5 minutes, I have to finish this class".  Hello to you too, dude.

I waited until the end of the class, feeling out of place the whole time, and got the pricing info: $75 one time fee, and then $75 per month thereafter.

The vibe was unfriendly, the place seemed slightly shabby, and when they finally did attend to my presence it was with blank stares and disinterest.

Therefore, even though I didn't even get to do a class for Ivy, I give this place:

They only get a full Muppet because I am giving them the benefit of the doubt since we didn't stay for the class. Otherwise it would have been a sad little half Muppet.


  1. I've had the same vibe there. Too much pretension, not enough to offer. Although Joe went to a birthday party there in first grade and had a fun time. Not as much fun as Gymcats, but fun. There's a place you could try -- Gymcats. It's like My Gym on steroids and multiplied like a thousand!


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