Motherhood Means...

Hugging your kids whenever they are are sad or afraid. 
Always being there for them, even when you yourself aren't well. 
Illnesses are tenderly cared for, no matter the time of day or night. 
Laughing with your kids a lot, all the time, for the silliest of reasons. 
Mopping up a lot of messes...
And helping them make those messes to begin with. 
Realizing for the first time how amazing your own mother is, and finally understanding the sacrifices she made for you. 
Yearning for the time when your kids used to nestle quietly in your arms, while feeling proud they have come as far as they have.

 Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there... we know how hard you work.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Andrea,

    This poem was posted on fb a few minutes ago - enjoy!

    "A newborns cry
    ten tiny toes
    ten perfect fingers
    a small perky nose

    scraped knobby knees
    boo boo kisses
    wipe their tears
    love never misses

    moody,grumpy attitudes
    cries and shouts of joy
    enter the teens
    whether a girl or a boy

    dating and marriage
    we see them through
    what were we thinking
    they grow to soon

    perfect children or not
    mothers we are
    to all of them
    you are a star♥"

    Written by Margo Nay Jimenez...May 10..Mothers Day 2010


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